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Find BLS Classes Near Me And Be Prepared For Emergencies

Looking for BLS classes near me? BLS, or Basic Life Support, is a type of training that equips you with the skills to recognize life threatening emergencies, give chest compressions, and deliver appropriate ventilations or provide use of an AED.

There are certain fields that require you to be BLS certified. Nurses, dental hygienists, home health aides, mental health professionals, and other health care workers are required to have this certification. In general, any and all healthcare providers should seek BLS classes near me to earn their certification. Not only is a BLS certification great for certain career choices, but it’s the best way to stay up-to-date on the latest safety practices and precautions, and keep yourself equipped with the skills needed to handle an emergency situation. 

No one wants to imagine being in a situation where BLS training is needed, but the possibility is always present. Taking a thoughtful and thorough course is a great way to be prepared for emergency situations, and have the training you need to possibly save a life.


What To Expect From A BLS Course

Depending on where you take your course, the BLS training might differ slightly. Here’s what you can expect from BLS training:

  • The use of early AED
  • Effective ventilation using a barrier device
  • CPR for infants, children, and adults
  • Relief of choking for adults and infants
  • The AHA Chain of Survival, especially the BLS components
  • Performing as a team in multi-rescuer resuscitation and multi-rescuer CPR

BLS classes near me will involve simulations and other types of exercises. Depending on the organization you choose to take it with, you may have the option to even become certified as a BLS instructor, or take other courses such as lifeguarding, CPR, and other types of safety skills.

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Why You Should Choose The Premier Health And Safety Academy

If you’re looking for BLS classes near me that will fully prepare you for the challenges of recognizing life threatening emergencies, look to the Premier Health and Safety Academy.

In addition to offering BLS training, this academy also offers emergency medical responder training (EMR), Emergency Medical Technician training (EMT), and paramedic. You can also opt for continuing education to maintain your certifications and remain knowledgeable as time passes. The American Heart Association courses they offer include: heartsaver, pediatric advanced life support (PALS), and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS). 

About The Premier Health And Safety Academy | BLS Classes Near Me

Premier Health and Safety Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company accredited by the state of Ohio for EMR and EMT training. Their team rigorously follows the National Standard Training Curricula, and works to exceed these expectations and the minimum hours set by USDOT.

The PHSA provides didactic education, clinical rotations in the emergency department, and even ride time in the field with experienced 

premier health safety logoparamedics. They want students to feel fully prepared and equipped to handle the intensity that comes with working in the field, whether it’s their first time in pre-hospital training, or they are brushing up on old skills.

PHSA instructors are qualified EMS professionals with years of experience and acquired knowledge that they pass off to their students. They are dedicated to teaching EMS education and American Heart Association courses with the utmost passion and professionalism. Because PHSA provides such a wide range of courses, you’ll find what you’re looking for with one of their instructors. This is an invaluable opportunity to work alongside talented EMS technicians and learn from their experience. 

Ready to get started with BLS classes near me from the Premier Health and Safety Academy? Visit them online to learn more at 


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