High-Quality Extruded Rubber Manufacturers

Seeking extruded rubber manufacturers for your team’s next project? If so, you probably know that having high-quality rubber production is an essential part of a successful job.

When it comes to extruded rubber manufacturers, Qualiform Rubber Molding leads the industry in production, technology, and customer service. They are experts in creating parts that fit your exact customizations. So don’t hesitate to contact Qualiform, especially if your project is technical or specific. This is the team to get the job done and set you up for success.


Qualiform’s Extruded Rubber Molding Process

At Qualiform, they create rubber extrusions using unvulcanized rubber that has a softer texture and form. Throughout their process, the rubber is further softened and becomes increasingly flexible. Therefore, the extruded rubber parts must be vulcanized so they can harden before being used.

Extruded rubber manufacturers know the importance of vulcanizing rubber, and how it is an essential part of the process. When you vulcanize rubber, you make the material stronger and better equipped for application. At Qualiform, they cure the rubber with sulfur and other agents before performing other processes such as drilling and power dusting. This ensures that the material will not stick.

In addition, when you vulcanize rubber, it may either shrink or swell. Once vulcanization is complete, the rubber part usually shrinks more at the center. If this sounds complicated, do not worry. The Qualiform experts are able to answer questions and provide details of their process should you need it.


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Why Choose Qualiform As Your Extruded Rubber Manufacturers?

Still unsure about whom to choose among extruded rubber manufacturers? When you go with Qualiform, you benefit from the over 4 decades of industry experience their team has. They consistently supply industries with the parts they need. Qualiform is proud to serve industries such as agriculture, medicine, and the electrical industry. Because this team has such a wide range of clientele, they have sharpened their rubber molding skills to fit even the most demanding and complex projects.

Qualiform stands out among extruded rubber manufacturers. Their rubber extrusions are advantageous for many reasons, including the low waste production style they prioritize. Qualiform also prides itself on creating lightweight and durable rubber products. 

If you aren’t sure if this team can tackle your project needs, the best thing to do is to connect with an expert at Qualiform. A pillar of this business is expert customer service, and the team is happy to provide all customers with any information they need. Don’t hesitate to reach out today for a quote.

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About Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding, LLC

Qualiform Custom Rubber Molding, LLC, is one of the best extruded rubber manufacturers in the business. Their techniques use modern equipment, and they are constantly investing in new styles of work to keep their products up to industry standards.

When it comes to quality and service, no one outperforms Qualiform. They are proud to offer 24 hour service to all clients, which runs smoothly and professionally thanks to their 3-shift schedule. This also means quick turnaround on projects, so if you’re running a tight schedule, you can trust this team to get the job done.

Qualiform’s experts will take your project from start to finish. This usually means starting with selecting the best materials, and then using those materials to get the job done. Their team is there every step of the way to explain everything to you and to give you progress updates. Qualiform offers a number of services including rubber extrusions, rubber recycling stars, rubber injection molding, custom rubber molding, and more.

Ready to partner with the best extruded rubber manufacturers in the business? Visit https://qualiformrubbermolding.com/ today to learn more.

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By Published On: February 5, 2021Categories: Rubber Manufacturers

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