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Interested in swapping an LS engine into your vehicle? G Force’s 300 ZX 5 speed swap kit is perfect for you! G Force is a top manufacturer of engine swap components, so you can rely on them to provide the parts you need for a smooth, successful conversion.

In fact, G Force Performance Products 300 ZX 5 speed manual transmission swap kit is one of the most cost-effective engine swap solutions for car enthusiasts in search of strong, reliable components with affordable pricing. Furthermore, G Force Performance Products is a leading supplier of various other critical automotive parts including flywheels, exhaust parts, bellhousing adapters, crossmembers, and more!

During their many years working in the automotive industry, G Force has earned its reputation for developing the highest quality parts on the market. In fact, their patented transmission crossmember distinguished them from other companies by showcasing their superior craftsmanship. As a leading manufacturer of automotive components, G Force is constantly innovating and improving upon the quality of their parts and manufacturing methods.

As a result, their team can design components that meet even the most unique and complex requirements. Whether you are swapping an LS engine into your vehicle or installing another modification, G Force Performance Products can help. If you are looking to swap a more powerful engine into your vehicle, check out G Force Performance Products 300 ZX 5 speed swap kit and their massive catalog of other products.

Why do I need a Z32 5-speed Transmission Adapter for a 300 ZX 5 speed swap?

Those looking to swap an affordable yet powerful motor into their vehicle should consider the GM V8 LS engine. This is an incredibly popular choice among Nissan 300ZX owners looking for a budget LS swap option. Most importantly, you can simplify the conversion process with G Force’s 300 ZX 5 speed swap kit. In fact, this kit will allow you to swap an LS engine and Z32 transmission into any vehicle!

An LS engine and Z32 transmission is an ideal combination because the transmission is strong enough for the 700-horsepower output from an LS engine. So, G Force has designed their adapter plate kit to facilitate the linking of the Z32 transmission and LS engine. For example, it will fit a 300ZX transmission with twin-turbo or naturally-aspirated clutch/pressure plate setups from 1990 to 1996. 300 ZX 5 Speed Swap Kit

The G Force Performance Products 300 ZX 5 Speed Swap kit includes:

  • 3/8 Steel Powder Coated Adapter Plate
  • Pilot Bushing Adapter
  • Custom Steel Flywheel
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional details about the kit:

  • Stock 300zx pilot bushing and machined steel adapter included.
  • 300zx Starter mounted on side of the transmission.
  • Stock 300zx pressure plate/clutch and throw-out bushing.
    • Compatible with naturally-aspirated or twin-turbo pressure plate/clutch discs.
  • Incompatible with twin-turbo Z32 transmissions.
    • The twin-turbo Z32 has a bigger bellhousing, so it places the starter farther from the flywheel ring gear. As a result, the starter cannot engage with the flywheel.

It is also important to consider that every LS swap has unique circumstances even with G Force’s 300 ZX 5 speed swap adapter kit. So, there is always the chance you will need to make modifications outside of the kit to complete your swap successfully.

About G Force Performance Products | 300 ZX 5 Speed Swap

G Force Performance Products is a manufacturing company specializing in the design and production of automotive parts and accessories. With their immense experience in the automotive industry, they can develop high-quality parts for virtually any application. After distinguishing themselves as a formidable industry competitor with the introduction of their patented transmission crossmember, G Force continued to innovate and expand its manufacturing capabilities. As a result, they now offer the highest quality automotive parts and accessories on the market as a leader in the industry.

In fact, customers ranging from casual hobbyists to committed car enthusiasts depend on G Force for their automotive component solutions. G Force offers a comprehensive inventory of flywheels, crossmembers, bellhousing adapters, exhaust components, and more! So, you can always find what you need for your next project. Learn more about G Force Performance Products by contacting us at (330) 753-5300 or visit our website!

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