Struggling with a Roofing Insurance Claim?

Roofing insurance claims and other insurance issues can cause serious stress and confusion. If your home or business has suffered from an accident, whether it’s a bad storm, hail damage, or water damage, you need a group of professional public adjusters who can fight for you.

Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters LTD (IRPA) is a team of licensed public adjusters who know how to get you what you deserve. Roofing insurance claims are not easy to understand, and you want to make sure you aren’t tricked by the insurance company or the terminology used. That’s where IRPA comes in. 

Whether you need paperwork completed on your behalf, damage inspection caused by fires, storms, etc., or someone to get you the maximum settlement, look no further than IRPA. This team is capable of all those tasks and more.

How can a public adjuster help with my roofing insurance claim?

If you’re facing the aftermath of an incident with your roof or property, you may not be aware of the possible conflicts with insurance companies. An independent adjuster representing the insurance company does not do the same thing as a public adjuster. Public adjusters work with your best interests in mind, fighting to get you what you’re owed. Independent adjusters care about the insurance company’s best interest.

It can feel totally overwhelming to face a roofing insurance claim problem. On top of trying to get repairs done, you’re also trying to get what you’re owed. The IRPA public adjusters will ease this burden and get you what you’re owed. If you put your faith into this group of professionals, you’ll save time and stress down the line, and not have to worry about trying to debate with an insurance agency. 



So what does a public adjuster exactly do?

The first thing the Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters team does is get a total understanding of your situation. Reviewing your insurance policy, cataloging the details of your case, organizing a strategy — whatever needs to be done to prepare.

Specifically, IRPA will meet with you to review your policy and coverage and review your rights. Public adjusters also prepare estimates on structures and property using expert consulting from engineers, general contractors, public accountants, and more. If you need testing for smoke, mold, water, thermal, and asbestos, that’s also in our wheelhouse. We do anything and everything we need to negotiate fairly for you. 

IRPA’s ultimate goal is to maximize your payout, and help you bounce back to normal as quickly as possible. So the experts will negotiate with your insurance company until you get what you’re owed. These negotiations usually settle quickly and without issues, and then you’re relieved of the unnecessary stress. Trust IRPA to be the voice of justice for you and fight on your behalf. 

Learn more about Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters

Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters has over 23 years of experience adjusting residential and commercial property insurance claims. The team is led by William Brunsdon, a policy language expert who has decades of experience negotiating residential property damage. 

IRPA is licensed in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Florida, and West Virginia. The team leads with a policyholder-first attitude, meaning our goal is always to get you what you’re owed under your policy. We’ve handled a wide array of claims including claims related to: storms, smoke and fire, water loss and floods, theft and vandalism, and business income loss. Let us take on your case and use our knowledge to negotiate with your insurance company. 

Stop worrying and start getting what you’re owed. Contact Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters today to learn more. 

By Published On: December 16, 2020Categories: public adjusters

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