Understanding Platen Insulation In Manufacturing

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Platen insulation, also called a thermal board, is a composite insulating material that’s meant to act as a barrier between the mold and the platen. Platen insulation has a high degree of heat resistance as well as high compressive strength, so that it can prevent heat from transferring between mold and platen.

Depending on the manufacturer, a thermal board can be made from a number of different materials. It’s common for platen insulation to have aluminum foil backing on either side, so that the board itself is easy to identify. Oftentimes, platen insulation is used in plastic processing, rubber molding, and even in zinc cast molds. If you’re looking for quality platen insulation, here’s what to look out for.

Characteristics Of Quality Platen Insulation

First and foremost, you want to ensure that the thermal board you purchase is built for safety. This part has the important job of insulating and preventing heat transfer. If the part isn’t reliable, you risk ruining the die or even causing overheating, which leads to a host of other problems. In addition, make sure that the platen insulation is moisture resistant and built to withstand a level of dust and oil it may come in contact with.

Depending on the job you need done, you may opt for platen insulation that has low thermal conductivity, or high thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is the degree to which a material conducts electricity. For example, metals have high thermal conductivity because they generate heat quickly. On the other hand, the insulation in your home likely has low thermal conductivity because it keeps heat from passing through easily.

Also, keep in mind that the thermal board will need to withstand mold changes as the manufacturing process continues. So make sure you find a platen insulation manufacturer who engineers and builds their boards with strength, precision, and effectiveness.

Real World Examples Of Thermal Insulation

While platen insulation is common among rubber and plastic manufacturers, there’s also an abundance of insulation used in the everyday world. Thermal insulation is used in houses and buildings as a way to prevent and/or reduce heat loss, which also reduces the amount of gas and electricity used to keep a space warm.

This type of thermal insulation is made for a different application, but its process and function are the same. Thermal insulation, like platen insulation, prevents heat from passing through in order to preserve energy. In addition, there is even insulation underneath floorboards. Floor insulation is another method of preventing heat loss, while also providing a level of acoustic protection. Depending on the level of floor insulation you need, this can be a DIY or professional project.

Not only is platen insulation useful in manufacturing, but the principles guiding insulation and thermal boards are applicable on a much wider scale. Having an effective method for heat insulation also for a safer and more energy efficient operation, from warehouses to homes.

Find Platen Insulation For Your Business

If you need to purchase platen insulation for your manufacturing efforts, there are a few factors to consider before you make a purchase. If you value environmental consciousness, look for thermal boards that are asbestos free and prioritize energy saving techniques. As mentioned, depending on your needs, you may opt for high thermal conductivity or low thermal conductivity.

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Make sure you understand your budget and look for platen insulation that fits within that range. This is especially important if you are buying bulk. Finally, keep maintenance costs in mind, and ask the manufacturer if you have any questions. Before you know it, you’ll have platen insulation that works great and lasts long.

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