What Are Machined Delrin Parts?

Machined delrin parts are unique because they are composed of delrin plastic. Delrin is different from other common plastics because of its properties. Delrin tends to get confused with acetal, because delrin is a type of acetal, but not all acetal is delrin. Delrin is used when its properties are needed in the part you are producing.

Machined Delrin Parts yellowDelrin is a thermoplastic, which means machining heats it to a point of pliability, then it solidifies during cooling. To get the desired delrin part, it takes precision and understanding of the material to get the best possible outcome. Since delrin machining has such high standards, some plastic machining companies shy away from the challenge, so the search for who will produce your delrin parts should be very focused.

5 Benefits of Machined Delrin Parts

Now that we cleared up what machined delrin is, here are the benefits of having parts made from it:


Delrin has a standout resistance ability to other chemicals. Delrin’s fatigue resistance is also impressive, as it can withstand compressive stressing with ease. Moisture resistance is another great aspect of delrin plastic. Delrin’s resistance makes it a good choice for underground applications.


High toughness is another perk to using delrin plastic; it can withstand sudden impact well. Permanent deforming and denting is not a concern with delrin machined parts. The high molecular weight formulations of delrin resin give it an improved toughness.

Tensile Strength

Delrin is a great plastic for when your product needs to be strong. Delrin is among the strongest unreinforced polymers around. The structure of delrin, chemically, gives it an ideal internal bonding ability. This strength also makes delrin machined parts desirable replacements for metal, even though it is less dense.

Flexibility in Part Design

The flexibility of delrin is another aspect of why it is such a popular choice in plastics. The dimensional stability of delrin, whenever high temperatures or pressure are used, is very good and that makes machining delrin easier.

Production Cost Reduction

Delrin’s combination of benefits allows it to be lighter and thinner than other plastics would be, which gives you a lower cost than alternative plastics.

Machining Delrin Plastic

2 Machined Delrin PartsMachining delrin combines low friction along with high wear resistance, an operating temperature range of -40 °C to 120 °C, which is a wide range, on top of a good ability to color it. Delrin has a sensitivity to heat 250 °F and beyond, so to avoid deforming before it reaches its finished form, you need to be aware of the heat.. Plastic machining companies can work with you to get the best product possible, by combining what you want with their insight, you will get the part you need.

Where to Get Machined Delrin Parts

Delrin is commonly used in food and medical industries, but here are some other delrin applications: pump components, electrical insulator parts, pistons, bearings, bushings, and rollers.

Plastic manufacturing companies will have you covered in your search for machined delrin parts. Custom machining solutions that use your input in each step of the process will get you the right parts for your project. The partnership with a plastic manufacturing company could be the start of a long term partnership, so be very selective in your search. Lastly, finding a reasonable price, in relation to the quantity of your order, is the last big piece of the puzzle. Go out and get the machined delrin parts that you need!

Published On: April 25, 20223 min read