Large Part Molding Specialists of Northeast, Ohio 

When searching for the large part molding specialists of Northeast, Ohio choose Lerner Molded Plastics. They have been leading a full-service injection molding company for over 25 years. A company that is committed to manufacturing designs that offer high-quality products at competitive prices. 

Lerner and Associates is an ISO 9001 2015-certified company. The company is more than qualified to manufacture the high volume parts your business relies on. In fact, Lerner Molded Plastics is a large part molding specialist for a variety of industries throughout the Northeast, Ohio region. Contact them today to learn more about their manufacturing process. 

Plastic Injection Molding 

Count on Lerner and Associates for large part molding. Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process to fabricate plastic parts. The various stages consist of cycle times to complete the differentiating process. There are many factors and configurations of each customized injection molded product here are some of the basics:

  1. Once the material enters the compression molds, it undergoes both heating and mixing. The shot forms in the barrel and the mold closes. 
  2. The heated plastic transfers into the mold cavity. 
  3. The molten material is then cooled. Allowing the part to harden. 
  4. Once the mold opens the part ejects and falls into a bin located below the mold. 

Lerner and Associates injection molding machines allow for shot sizes of 3 to 600 ounces. In addition to capabilities of 30 to 3000-ton clamping forces with as many as 64 cavities. Therefore, they are capable of manufacturing high volume parts ranging from small to large. Visit to learn more. 

Metal Parts Versus Plastic Parts

So why is the metal-to-plastics conversion so successful?  Here are some advantages that plastic parts have to offer over metal parts:

Cost-Effective – Raw material for plastic manufacturing over metal materials is significantly lower. 

Easier to Acess – Metal shortages are notorious for fluctuating prices according to supply and demand. Plastic shortages are basically non-existent.  

Easier to Fabricate – Plastic manufacturing allows for high volume cycle times compared to the processing techniques for metal. 

Lightweight – Reduced weight of plastic lowers shipping costs by half as well as improved end-users utilizing applications. 

Durability – Plastic materials can deliver more tensile strength compared to metal materials. 

Flexibility – Plastic molds allow for a broader range of more complex design choices. 

Selection – Material choices and physical properties of plastics are nearly endless. 

Corrosion-Resistant – Plastics are more resistant to chemicals and weather, resisting corrosion and rust.

Choose Lerner and Associates for large part molding. Overall, Lerner and Associates commits to helping your business make the metal to plastics conversion. They have extensive experience and welcome the opportunity to help your business make the conversion. If you have questions on how to reduce your overall total cost with injection molding contact Lerner and Associates today. Head to to learn more. 

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