Plastic Granulator Machine

A plastic granulator machine reduces waste and plastic scrap to create value. Getting a used granulator for sale to break down your waste is beneficial to your company’s finances and is better for the environment.

Plastic granulator machines break down plastic part waste by grinding them down into significantly smaller pieces. This process allows you to maximize the space for waste.

nelmor plastic granulator machineThe misconception about used machines is that they are relics of the past, but you will find that a lot of used machinery is pretty up to date. Machine value works similarly to cars; once a car is off the lot, its value substantially drops, and it is the same for machines. You can find barely used, essentially new, machines among your selection of used granulators for sale. The value available is incredibly sensible for any plastic operation.

Five Reasons to Buy a Used Plastic Granulator Machine

Before you decide if you will purchase a new or used plastic granulator machine, here are 5 reasons why going with a used plastic granulator machine is a smart choice.


Even though price is an obvious benefit of getting a used machine, it still needs to be mentioned. The price difference between a new and used plastic granulator machine is usually larger than the difference in the use you will get out of each machine.

Not everyone has the financial capital to purchase new machines and it is not a necessity, as you can attain the same level of quality with a used machine. If your current machine is broken and the cost to fix it is high, replacing it with a used machine could be a sensible decision.

Wide Selection of Models

cumberland plastic granulator machineSince it does not make sense for most manufacturers to produce every model of machines that they have, they only focus on the select few that will get them the appropriate returns. If you are looking for new machines, you are limited to what manufacturers currently offer. With used machines, you have a vast selection of models to choose from.

A wider selection also means you have more viable brands to choose from. Some brands you may have had completely crossed off your list because of how expensive they are, but in the used market you don’t have that same issue.

More Available Information

With used machines, you usually have years of user reviews and comments about the machine, both good and bad. With new machines, you are thrown into the fire to find out the best way to use the machine and uncover its flaws.

You Can Get Them Quicker

New machines usually need to be built after the order is placed, so you will be waiting for weeks to get your machine, which also means weeks without production from it. Getting your machine quicker means you will get a faster return on investment.


As mentioned above, new machines usually need to be built after the order is placed. Because of that, you won’t be able to inspect the machine you are getting. With used machines, you are typically able to go and view the exact machine that you want to order.

Where Do I Find a Used Granulator for Sale?

There are plenty of high quality used granulators for sale from reputable suppliers of used machinery. Search for suppliers in your area that have used granulators for sale, so you can inspect the machine in-person.

Start your search today for the best used plastic granulator machines.

By Published On: January 20, 2022Categories: Plastic Manufacturing

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