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When it comes to quality linear motion solutions, Cleveland, Ohio’s Nook Industries leads the way.  We take great pride in standing behind the Nook Industries team and its commitment to quality. With this in mind, you can learn more about the selection of screw driven linear actuators and more from Nook Industries by visiting the company website.  In addition, you can find more information about the Nook Industries team and its work by visiting the ADVAN Design blog.  

Linear Motion in Healthcare | Screw Driven Linear Actuators | Linear Motion

Healthcare facilities all over the world have taken the impact of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As this virus evolves, it will be crucial for healthcare facilities to have the most efficient and effective equipment possible on hand.  Linear motion is an essential component of many pieces of healthcare equipment. To list, linear actuators are integral parts of 

  • Patient Lifts
    • Electric patient lifts can save significant time and resources for tasks that can often require two or more healthcare professionals.
    • These devices can also eliminate the risk of back injuries to providers that come with manual lifting.  
  • Hospital Beds
    • Linear actuators can allow for easy hospital bed height adjustment.
    • They can also provide the advantages of quiet and precise motion.  
  • Wheelchairs
    • Screw driven linear actuators can move wheelchair seats both up and down.
    • These pieces can also aid patients in getting on or off a wheelchair.
    • Actuators can also accommodate wheelchair standers, and eliminate the need for a separate stander.  
  • Incubators
    • Quality linear actuators can often help physicians treat babies in incubators with minimal contact and resulting risks of both infection and injury.
  • CT, MRI, and PET Scanners
    • The effectiveness of these devices depend on precision of height adjustment capabilities, and the efficient motion of a patient both in and out of a scanning area.      
    • For these and other medical scanners, actuators provide motion that is both reliable and safe.  

About Nook Industries | Screw Driven Linear Actuators | High Speeds

Nook Industries provides top quality linear actuators by committing to responsiveness and product innovation, above all.  Significantly, this veteran-owned small business is the only source in its industry for onsite die design, manufacturing, and control.  The selection of screw driven linear actuators from Nook Industries includes

    • V Groove Guided Screw Driven Linear Actuators 
      • EGT
      • EGK
    • External Roller Bearing Guided 
      • ELT
      • ELK
    • Internal Roller Bearing Guided 
      • DLT
      • DLK
    • Internal Profile Rail Guided
      • QST
      • QSK
      • DST
      • DSK
      • QSTE
      • QSKE

Nook Industries provides top quality linear motion systems for companies across an impressive range of fields.  In fact, just some of these include

  • Both Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemical 
  • Electronics
  • Factory Automation
  • Both Medicine and Diagnostics
  • Both Food and Beverage Processing
  • Forestry
  • Packaging
  • Paper
  • Semiconductor Production
  • Both Steel and Machining
  • Tire Manufacturing 
  • Transportation
  • Communications

Reach Out to Our Exceptional Team of Both Internet Marketing and Website Design Professionals Today. | Screw Driven Linear Actuators | Screw Drive 

Is it time to upgrade your current set of digital marketing strategies?  Have you been wondering how to raise your brand’s rankings in the search engine results?  If so, then reach out to the dedicated team of marketers and designers from ADVAN Design today. Overall, we have what it takes to reflect the brand vision of any business in any industry. 

In fact, your business could be the next one. We prioritize clear, consistent, and honest communication with all clients, above all, to yield optimal results. So reach out to us and connect with us today.  To list, client businesses from across industries count on the creative team from ADVAN Design for 

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