Here’s When To Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’re dealing with a workers’ compensation claim and struggling to get benefits, then it may be time to seek legal advice. Though some people do obtain workers’ comp benefits on their own, it’s beneficial to have the support and professional advice a workers’ compensation attorney near me can provide.

Generally, if you are injured while working, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. But it’s important to remember that workers’ compensation laws and regulations are different in each state. Some states, for example, disqualify agricultural workers from receiving benefits. If you are hurt while intoxicated, or if you purposely injure yourself, your claim may also be denied.

Sound confusing? It doesn’t have to be. Even though there are technical and legal guidelines that guide the workers’ compensation process, there are professionals trained to help. Here are some common situations where it’s helpful to hire a workers’ compensation attorney near me.

My Work Doesn’t Want Me To File A Claim

Unfortunately, not all workplaces have their employees best interest at heart. If your workplace discourages you from filing a claim after an accident, it’s time to call a workers’ compensation attorney near me. Sometimes, a workplace will threaten to fire an employee if they file for benefits, which is completely illegal. If you and your employer cannot agree about the workplace accident, then you have the right to a hearing to resolve the issue. 

If you do end up attending a hearing like this, it’s a good idea to be represented by a workers’ compensation attorney near me for legal help.

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I’m Struggling With A Denied Claim

If your claim gets denied and you’re unsure why, this is a great time to contact a workers’ compensation attorney near me. Some common causes for a denied claim include that the claim wasn’t detailed enough, it wasn’t filed on time, or the medical records are too different from the claim.

Even if you didn’t expect a problem to arise, note that it is common for claims to be denied by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, or by a self-insured employer. If a self-insured workplace has workers’ compensation claims, it can increase their insurance premium. This is usually not a financially viable option for a workplace, so they may try to dispute your claim.

Once your claim is denied, you have 14 days to file an appeal if you live in the state of Ohio. Even if you think you understand the appeals process, it helps to set up a free consultation with a workers’ comp attorney, or visit a law firm near me who can give you professional advice founded in industry experience.

I Have An Upcoming Hearing For My Claim

After you appeal, you will have the opportunity to attend a hearing regarding your workers’ compensation claim. At this time, it is critical to hire a workers’ compensation attorney near me to represent you. Having an attorney by your side means you can pursue all the workers’ compensation benefits you are owed. Legal proceedings are intimidating, even if you aren’t guilty of a crime, and without professional support, you might feel nervous or unsure of yourself.

When you hire the right workers’ compensation attorney near me, you can leave the hearing knowing that you did everything possible to fight for your benefits. 

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