Here’s How A Lawn Drainage System Will Help You

healthy lawn drainage system

Yard work is not an easy job. It can be challenging to know what will and won’t grow well in your soil. You have to consider sunlight, wind, and wildlife.

And you also need to consider rain. Heavy rains are the bane of every avid gardener’s existence. They can lead to various problems for plants.

But a lawn drainage system might just be the solution you’re looking for. They can ensure that water is moving through your yard the way that you want it.

Read on to learn the benefits of having a lawn drainage system in your yard.

#1 Reduces Soil Erosion

reduce soil erosion

Heavy rains can lead to water running through your yard. When this happens, you might not see the soil that’s being washed away with it.

In your yard, this can cause problems for your plants. It can be challenging for seeds to grow where the soil is constantly moved. The good news is that plant roots can help reduce soil erosion, but only if the plants can grow before the earth moves again.

And if you put down fertilizers to help your plants grow, then this runoff is just going to take that with it. This can be a problem if this rain drains into water supplies for people and animals. It can cause excess nutrients for wild plants, and animals that drink from rivers and lakes might also get poisoned by it.

To that end, a drainage system can help ensure that water doesn’t flow like a creek during heavy rains. This gives your lawn time to grow well so that bald spots won’t be a problem anymore. It also protects the natural environment around your home by keeping fertilizers in your yard.

#2 Reduces Standing Water

While water running through your yard during rainstorms isn’t ideal, neither is having massive puddles or a flooded yard. This is not only uncomfortable when you want to walk around your own space. It can cause problems for your grass and family too.

If you get a lot of standing water after it rains, then your grass can suffer from overwatering. This means that any nutrients in the soil are going to be diluted by the excess water. Then your grass won’t grow as well because it’s not getting the nutrients it needs.

It also can lead to plant diseases. When you overwater any plant, there’s always a risk of root rot, for example.

Finally, standing water is an ideal place for mosquitos to lay their eggs. So yards that have plenty are going to have a lot more issues with them. This can also lead to your family risking getting diseases like Zika or West Nile.

So it’s essential to make sure that there’s no standing water in your yards after heavy rains. Lawn drainage systems are an excellent way to ensure that your yard and family are safe and healthy in your yard. It keeps the nutrients in your soil and mosquitos out of your yard.

#3 Prevents Water Damage

Your home could also be at risk if you have problems with yard drainage. Both standing water and soil erosion against your house is a massive problem.

Standing water sitting against your house is eventually going to seep into your foundation. This is what causes your foundation to crack and get damaged. If you have a basement, you might even notice water getting inside of it.

Meanwhile, soil erosion is going to cause dirt from right under your foundation. This can cause your entire house to lean over time. This can cause problems for your walls and roof if it doesn’t get resolved quickly.

Foundation problems are complicated to fix. Unfortunately, this also causes them to be costly issues. Therefore, it’s typically better to prevent these issues from happening rather than wait to fix them later.

This is also why a sound gutter system is so important. It’s meant to direct water off of your roof and away from your house. The downspouts are responsible for making sure water doesn’t pool around your foundation during heavy rains.

This is all part of a quality lawn drainage system.

#4 Increases Curb Appeal

increase curb appeal

Finally, the last benefit of lawn drainage is that it can increase the value of your home. When you sell your house, the first thing people see is the front of your house and your yard. This means that this will be where the most value in your home is going to be.

So you want your yard to look as beautiful as possible when you go to put it on the market. And if you’re smart, you’ll want it to stay that way for your new buyers. So bald spots or flooding aren’t going to be great for buyers to look at.

Having a drainage system in your yard is going to help you stay on top of this. You can keep your yard looking beautiful when water is flowing in the right directions. It makes your grass greener and your flowers more colorful.

This will set a reasonable expectation for the rest of the house. Buyers will be more excited to see what’s inside when they see you’ve taken care of the outside. So you’re more likely to get a higher price for your home when you sell.

Get A Lawn Drainage System Today

It can be challenging to keep a beautiful yard when rain creates problems for it. So you need to be sure that heavy rains won’t cause a problem for you while you’re doing yard work. That’s precisely why you should get an efficient lawn drainage system installed in your yard.

Schedule drainage services today and get the solution you’ve been waiting for.

By Published On: September 14, 2021Categories: Irrigation System Installation

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