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Whether you’re managing one asset or dozens, you want an efficient fire extinguisher barcode inspection software that gets the job done right. When it comes to inspection software, InspectNTrack is an industry leader for fire extinguisher inspections. This automated inspection software lets you easily perform inspections on their own, or combined in routes with other fire, life, and safety equipment.

If you’re at a higher education institution or a large facility, you understand the importance of keeping track of equipment when inspecting. With InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection you can do just that, and make the process run smoothly and safely. 

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Features of Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection App

What exactly does InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection system have to offer? First and foremost, it’s in document compliance with 10 NFPA regulations. This software also comes with an intuitive mobile app that uses color-coded icons to show technicians what they’ve tracked and where they need to go next.

This fire extinguisher inspection app also has flexible barcode inputs. It accepts 1D, 2D, QR, manufacturer’s barcodes, existing barcodes, or brand-new ones. You can easily swap out outdated barcodes also, so there’s no reason to worry about the system not working. 

With this inspection app, you’re able to add fire extinguishers manually. You can do so via file upload or through the mobile app, making this the ideal solution for those managing large amounts of assets. And, if you’re on a large campus and navigating different buildings or rooms, this system has routes to keep equipment organized. Technicians can use these inspection paths to maximize efficiency and assure that no equipment is missed. 

What About Failed Inspection Problems?

With InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection, you don’t have to worry about missing a failed inspection. This system goes far beyond just documenting inspections, and there are corrective features that keep you and others safe.

For discrepancies, there is a problem log that tracks these issues. This log records the source of the issue, category, images, resolutions, and other relevant information. Plus, these discrepancies are logged within an independent module, which means the system will identify recurring issues on any given asset.

For incidents, you can set up automated accidents that are triggered by failures such as moving a fire extinguisher or setting the status to inactive. For general notifications, there are system-generated alerts to make you aware of any issues. This system will notify the correct person should any failure arise. 

It is features like these that make InspectNTrack’s fire extinguisher barcode inspection system an industry leader. The software is built for safety and accuracy, and you can trust you’re in good hands when you go with InspectNTrack. 

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About InspectNTrack Inspection Software

InspectNTrack was created by TISCOR FacilityManager to serve as a seamless way to manage, track, and schedule inspections across assets. The system was launched in 2012 as a way to modernize and streamline inspection processes. Previously, TISCOR created FacilityManager 3.0, which made it easier for facility personnel to record and track inspections. This company is constantly improving and building upon previous technology to create software that works for everyone.

Now, InspectNTrack has been an industry leader in inspection software the past two decades. This software reduces time and concern around ensuring all equipment is safe and inspected. The automated system has served companies and institutions all around to creating a safe workplace.

If it’s time to upgrade your inspection system or try something new, then it’s time to contact InspectNTrack. Visit their website at to learn more and request a free demo.

By Published On: December 29, 2020Categories: Inspection Software

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