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If you’re searching for an edge of dock leveler to add to your worksite, you want to find a product that’s affordable, durable, and worth the investment. But if you’ve never purchased an edge of dock leveler, or if you don’t keep up with the industry, you might not know what features to look for before you make a purchase. 

Every edge of dock purchase depends on your specific project. The basic purpose of an edge of dock leveler is to bridge the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck or tramp. This is different from a dockboard, because edge of docks are fixed to the loading dock.

Though the purpose sounds simple, edge of docks need to be extremely customizable. You never know what features you’ll need on the job. 

Here’s a few features to look out for when you’re purchasing an edge of dock leveler.

edge of dock platform durable

Easy Installation

Having an edge of dock leveler that’s easy to install is crucial. When you’re on-site, you don’t want to waste time trying to install and secure your edge of dock leveler. Even worse, if you don’t install it right, you risk the safety of your employees.

When you shop Copperloy edge of docks, installation will be safe and quick. The first step is to evaluate the dock area and ensure it’s ready for installation and complies with local codes. Then, review the Copperloy manual or access videos on their website to follow the installation directions. If you ever need help or have a question, a Copperloy team member is there to help. Other manufacturers simply cannot promise this level of care and assistance.

mechanical edge of dock

Customizable Features And Size Range

An edge of dock leveler has to have customizable features. With Copperloy, you have the option to choose between their mechanical edge of dock, or their hydraulic edge of dock. The hydraulic dock uses a power unit to automate operation and increase productivity, while the mechanical dock is a traditional model. 

Copperloy’s edge of dock levelers also have varying capacities and sizes to fit your job site. They are available in 66’, 72’, 78’, and 84’ widths. Their shipping dock leveler is able to service trucks that are 5’ above or below dock levels, and is available in both 20,000 lb and 30,000 lb models. 

If you need further information about customization, contact the team at Copperloy to discuss options for edge of dock levelers. 

Safety And Compliance

Safety is paramount to loading dock equipment. Any reputable manufacturer should provide equipment that’s safe and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about risk of injury. 

Every Copperloy edge of dock leveler has a safety maintenance strut that secures the unit while you perform maintenance. To keep the process simple, these edge of dock levelers are built so you do as little work as possible. All it requires is simple lubrication of the hinges, which come equipped with grease fittings. 

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Choose Copperloy For Your Edge of Dock Leveler Needs

Copperloy has provided loading dock equipment for material handling for more than 50 years. Their American-made products are engineered using CNC and robotic technologies. 

In addition to manufacturing edge of dock levelers, Copperloy sells yard ramps, dock boards, lifts, accessories, and more. They have earned the title as “America’s #1 Yard Ramp” for a reason. They provide unparalleled customer service to their clients. If this is your first time purchasing dock equipment, you’re in good hands. 

When you support Copperloy, you support American manufacturing. See why their team is celebrated as an industry leader. Visit today.

By Published On: May 11, 2021Categories: Industrial Marketing

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