Maintain a Constant Flow of Hot Water with Direct Contact Water Heaters from R.W. Martin

Hot water is a critical resource for keeping concrete in spec, especially during the winter months. Many standard concrete planet water heaters regularly fall behind and run out of water. As a result, your facility experiences more equipment downtime, losing time and money in the process. However, direct contact water heaters can ensure you have a constant flow of hot water.

Direct contact water heaters are significantly more efficient than traditional steam boiler systems. So, they can more reliably supply the hot water you need, eliminate downtime, and maximize productivity.

R.W. Martin is a leading provider of water heating solutions, offering a diverse catalog of equipment from proven manufacturers like Sioux. So, they can help you find the ideal direct contact water heater for your facility based on your application requirements. Most importantly, they offer competitive pricing for all equipment transactions to work within your budget.

Do you need to upgrade your facility’s water heating equipment? Check out R.W. Martin’s catalog of new, used, and rentable direct contact water heaters today!

What are direct contact water heaters?

Direct contact water heaters offer exceptional efficiency for heating water in a wide variety of applications from industrial laundries to concrete plants. In fact, these systems are the ideal method for keeping concrete in spec during cold weather.

How do direct concrete plant water heaters work? The average steam boiler system utilizes heat exchangers to produce hot water, which wastes heat energy and risks downtime. Direct-contact water heaters, however, can more effectively heat water by allowing the water to come into direct contact with flue gases. These systems use a burner to directly increase the water temperature. Cold water moves down as thermal energy rises, so these systems do not waste any heat.

Direct contact water heaters can also more readily adapt to the task at hand, adjusting production to suit your hot water needs. As a result, your water heater will never overwork, significantly improving energy efficiency. Another advantage of DC water heaters is reduced carbon emissions. So, they can produce the hot water you need while making your facility more environmentally friendly overall.

Installing a direct contact water heater in your facility is an immediate upgrade, ensuring you maintain consistent concrete and water quality. If you want to get the most value out of your water heating systems, check out R.W. Martin’s catalog of concrete plant water heaters.

High-efficiency equipment from Sioux

Sioux Aggre-Flo Aggregate Bin Heater

When you choose R.W. Martin, you gain access to a diverse catalog of water heating solutions from reputable manufacturers like Sioux. Sioux has been a leading manufacturer of water heating equipment for more than 50 years. Various industries rely on Sioux for water heating solutions such as industrial laundry, chemicals, concrete production, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and more!

Most notably, Sioux products offer much higher efficiency ratings in comparison to other manufacturers. In fact, Sioux direct contact water heaters can maintain a consistent flow of hot water without any preheating or downtime. These systems can even achieve a 100°F temperature increase in just 3-5 minutes while maintaining flow rates and outlet temperatures with unparalleled precision. Sioux concrete plant water heaters are also plumbed and pre-wired for quick installation.

Furthermore, Sioux direct contact water heaters are more environmentally friendly. They can minimize wastewater production as well as energy consumption. As a result, your facility uses less energy while achieving higher levels of productivity.

Aggregate heaters are another Sioux specialty. Sioux’s Aggre-Flo® systems utilize steam to heat aggregates, cure concrete, and heat water for ready mix and precast concrete. These bin heaters can also accurately control temperature and moisture levels. As a result, they can keep your concrete at the optimal quality for any project.

Sioux aggregate bin heaters can also keep concrete in spec during the winter. The Aggre-Flo® system can quickly thaw large frozen chunks of concrete and heat them to the proper temperature for application.

R.W. Martin offers water heating solutions from manufacturers like Sioux, so they can provide customers with the ideal equipment for their facilities. Want to learn more about Sioux direct contact water heaters? Contact R.W. Martin today!

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For more than 50 years, R.W. Martin has been a leading provider of high-quality, industrial equipment solutions. R.W. Martin Company was founded by Robert W. Martin to give industrial facilities access to reliable equipment from virtually every manufacturer. So, R.W. Martin’s customers have a trustworthy, professional resource for finding reliable equipment from proven manufacturers like Sioux. From direct contact water heaters to industrial-grade washing machines, R.W. Martin has you covered.

If you have been looking for direct contact water heaters or other equipment for your facility, get in touch with R.W. Martin. R.W. Martin buys, sells, and rents new and pre-owned water heating equipment, so you can find the best addition to your facility at a price you can afford. Contact R.W. Martin today to learn more about their selection of direct contact water heaters or visit their website at

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