Window Dryer Vent

window dryer ventIf you are looking for a window that is high-quality that also will serve as a window through which you can vent your dryer, do not fear, it does exist! The best window dryer vents on the market come in a variety of sizes and can be built seamlessly into any glass block window panel. You do not need to have unsightly holes in your existing (or new) glass block window. Make sure the vent you purchase is manufactured with a 4” diameter aluminum sleeve, which is the part that will fit onto the aluminum dryer duct.

You want to make sure that the window dryer vent you invest in is made of vinyl. Vinyl is strong but also low-maintenance. Unlike other materials, vinyl will not degrade in the presence of the constant hot air it is subjected to. Window dryer vents are important because they help to remove unwanted moisture and humidity from your home that running the dryer has the capacity to create. If you are venting your dryer inside the home instead of outside the home, not only are you running the risk of creating a perfect haven for mold and mildew, but if your dryer is a gas dryer, it can also feed dangerous carbon monoxide back into your home. Always make sure, under all circumstances, that you have a carbon monoxide detector near your laundry room to avert any harmful situations.

dryer vent window kitEven though the best window dryer vents are not high-maintenance, they do need to be maintained on a low level. This helps ensure that the vent and your dryer will continue to work well for you. There are a few signs that your vent may need to be cleaned.

Time To Dry

We all know that annoying feeling when we are ready to fold up our clothes and everything is still damp. If this is happening to you often, it is probably time to double-check the vent.

Too Hot To Handle

While you want to feel some heat from your dryer (that is a good sign it is working), if your dryer is hot to the touch after a cycle ends, that is not good news. You will want to check your vent immediately, because dryers, like all appliances, do not like intense amounts of heat.

The Smell

People spend a lot of money on lovely-smelling dryer sheets, so if your clothes or the area around your dryer are smelling musty, that is a real downer. Musty odors can be another sign that you need to show your dryer vent some love.

Lint In Abundance

You will have to gauge this one because you know your dryer and the amount of lint it typically creates. If lint is starting to increase then that could point to a build-up in the vent.

Do not worry about noticing problems. It is a typical human reaction to retreat to denial, and you might assume that if your vent has gone bad it’s going to be extremely expensive to replace it. Maybe you’re even worried you will have to replace your entire glass block window. If you buy the right kind of dryer vent window kit, however, this will not be the case. In many cases, it is easy to simply just take the vent out of the window or panel and replace it with a new one. It is easy and affordable, and will keep your safety up and your electric bill down.

Dryer vents may not be items you think about on a regular basis, but they do a lot of important work for you behind the scenes. If you are looking for more efficiency in the laundry room, it may not be the dryer. It could be as simple as getting a window dryer vent that will work effectively for many years to come.

By Published On: April 20, 2022Categories: Glass Block Accessories

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