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How much do you love your car? Is it a love beyond making sure you change your oil on time? Or even beyond splurging on the highest quality parts? That’s the kind of love that never overlooks the small, crucial details. You never take your car through a car wash — it’s a hand wash or bust kind of love.

But what about the acts of love that you can’t show off? What type of transmission mount is holding your most vital parts together in the car or truck you love? Sometimes when you’re rushing to get your vehicle, you might not think twice about these choices. But if you risk details like this, it could be the end of a beautiful love story. Keep reading to see why true car lovers don’t dismiss the important pieces.

Why Should you Worry about your Transmission Mount?

adaptable transmission mount

It seems like such an insignificant part of your vehicle’s anatomy. Often overlooked as something you can buy used or at a discount, this part is key to how smooth and safe your ride is.

The wrong transmission mount can create driveline noise when starting out or accelerating, or it can affect the operation of your clutch or gear shift linkage. Mounts deteriorate over time and with added mileage, so it’s not unusual to find one or more broken or collapsed mounts in high-mileage vehicles. If one transmission mount has failed, chances are the others are near the end of their life and should be replaced as a set.

The engine and transmission mounts hold and support the powertrain while isolating the vibrations produced by the powertrain from the chassis. On rear-wheel drive (RWD) cars and trucks, there is usually a pair of motor mounts on each side of the engine to provide support, and a single mount under the back of the transmission. The rear mount is most commonly part of a bolt-in crossmember support.

On a front-wheel drive (FWD) car, truck, or minivan with transverse-mounted engines, there is a left and right engine/transmission mount, and a third mount above or below to triangulate support. Upper engine mounts are referred to as “struts,” because they stop the engine from rocking back and forth as the vehicle accelerates and decelerates. Upper mounts usually have a significant bushing on each end, with one bushing attached to the engine and the other to the radiator crossmember support.

A Transmission Mount For Car Lovers

G Force Adapter

G Force Performance’s adjustable transmission mount is uniquely innovative, yet simple in design and function. It is a must for the car lover’s swap that requires moving your transmission 1″ to 2″ while allowing 1″ to over 2-1/2″ of offset. This aligns seamlessly to your transmission crossmember with your new drivetrain moved forward to the exact position you need. This transmission mount is to be used with General Motors transmissions. This simple bolt-in transmission mount eliminates the hassle of swap misalignment and saves you time and money.

This transmission mount fits most GM RWD vehicles and transmissions (manual or automatic), and transmission crossmembers that accept a dual stud pattern with a 1-1/2″ center spacing. This mount has an installed height of 1-3/4″, and is easily adjustable prior to securing the self-locking slide bolt to secure the assembly in location.

NOTE: Check your transmission mount to assure it has the correct pattern dimensions prior to purchasing.

Common Materials: Steel with polyurethane bushing. High strength mounting hardware included.


A Transmission Mount you’ll love, only by G Force Performance products. Currently Patent Pending, The G-Force Adjustable transmission mount for most GM RWD applications, 1″ expandable to over 2 1/2″.

G Force Performance is the Exclusive Manufacturer of G Force Transmission Crossmembers and Adjustable Transmission Mounts

GForce Performance

G Force Performance Products is the sole producer of G Force transmission crossmembers and adjustable transmission mounts. They concentrate their efforts on manufacturing quality parts to help car enthusiasts reach their performance goals. G Force’s engineers continue to innovate and uphold their reputation for top-of-the-line parts and commitment to customer satisfaction. Learn more about G Force Performance Products aftermarket parts.

G Force specializes in the design and manufacturing of automotive components and accessories. Since the introduction of their first Patented Transmission Crossmember, their focus has been directed towards manufacturing quality products that accommodate the needs of automotive insiders. There’s a reason G Force is a leader in automotive transmission mounts, crossmembers, flywheels, and accessories.

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