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Do you want to become a garlic grower but don’t know how? We asked our experts at a dragon breath near me to get the inside scoop on becoming the best garlic grower. Keep reading to get answers to frequently asked questions. 

What type of garlic should I grow?

Dragon Breath Near Me - Peeled garlic in bowlThat all depends on your preference! Hardneck garlic comes in more varieties and complex flavors, but softneck garlic has a milder taste. The planting and harvesting process is the same for both. 

Softneck garlic grows best in warmer climates and hardneck garlic grows best in colder climates. 

Dragon Breath Near Me recommends to grow both kinds of garlic to see what garlic grows best in your garden!

Where do I buy garlic to grow?

It is best to buy garlic from a local garlic farm or a quality online source. To find the highest grade garlic, contact local garlic farmers by searching Dragon Breath Near Me.

You can use store-bought garlic, but it is showered with harmful chemicals. You can get the best-tasting garlic by using garlic from a local farm. 

Where should I plant my garlic? 

Garlic thrives in an area that gets direct sunlight. It grows best in soil that is fertilized and well-drained.

What if I do not have a garden?

You can still grow garlic if you do not have a garden. Garlic only needs a small area to grow. All you need is a container about 8 cm. deep. The width of the container will depend on how many garlic cloves you can grow. As long as you leave about 3-6 inches of space between each garlic clove, your garlic will thrive. 

When is the best time to plant garlic?

The ideal time to plant garlic is in autumn. What zone you reside in will depend on what month is best to plant garlic. Zones 1-3 should plant their garlic in September. Zones 3-5 should plant their garlic around early October. Zones 5-7 should plant their garlic in October. Zones 7-9 should plant their garlic in November. Lastly, zones 9-10 should plant their garlic in early December. 

Do I need to mulch my garlic beds?

Dragon Breath Near Me - Garlic sprouts in a garden inIf you want the best tasting garlic you should mulch. Mulching keeps the ground and the cloves warm and minimizes weed growth. 

How do I mulch my garlic? 

Mulch your garlic with a 6 to 12-inch layer of hay, straw, or leaves.

How long does it take for garlic to grow?

The growing process for garlic lasts about 7 to 9 months. 

How often should I water my garlic?

This will depend on where you live and the weather. Garlic thrives in slightly moist soil, so watering about once to twice a week is perfect. 

When do I stop watering my garlic?

When you harvest your garlic, the soil needs to be dry. When half of the leaves are brown it is time to stop watering your vegetables, about 10 days before harvesting.

When do harvest my garlic?

It is time to harvest your garlic when at least half the leaves are brown. This will happen around July. 

Do I have to cure my garlic?

Dragon Breath Near Me - garlic being curedGarlic does not need to be cured. It is strongly recommended if you want it to stay fresh for a long period of time. 

How long do I cure my garlic?

Garlic should be cured for about 2 weeks to a month. You will know when your garlic is done with the drying process once all the leaves are brown and the roots are shriveled. 

How long does garlic last?

Softneck garlic has a longer shelf life than hardneck garlic. Softneck garlic lasts about 9 months to a year. Hardneck garlic lasts for 3 to 6 months.

Do you still have more questions?

If you need more help search, “Dragon Breath Near Me,” to learn from local garlic experts.

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