Your Garage Needs a Garage Drain Cover

new garage drain cover It’s no secret that being a homeowner requires maintenance and upkeep of the inside of your home. There is plumbing, electrical, and re-design to think about daily. But do you ever think about the maintenance of a garage drain cover?

If you park your car in your garage every day, you’re most likely in your garage quite a few times a day. If your garage is a makeshift gym or tool storage, you might be spending even more time there. It’s important to make sure your garage is just as up-to-date as your home. That’s where a garage drain cover comes in handy.

If you want to find out more about why your garage needs an update with a garage drain cover, keep reading about the top 3 reasons.

Prevent Rust Build-Up

rusty garage drain cover Rust is never desirable on any product, but you especially don’t want rust on your garage floor drain cover. Rust spreads quicker than you think, and once it’s taken over a product, it can’t be fixed. If your old garage floor drain cover becomes too rusted over, a domino effect of problems can occur.

First, if rust builds up too much, the drain entrance will soon become closed off and clogged. Once the drain entrance is clogged, standing water will begin to collect in your garage. Standing water can damage your garage floor and any items you store in your garage as well. Another problem that can occur is total blockage. If pieces of the old rusty drain fall too far down the entrance, they will completely stop up drainage and be too far down for you to reach. All of that is caused by just a little bit of rust.

Temperature Control

If you live anywhere in the midwest, you know that the weather can be unpredictable. Heat, humidity, and cold temperatures have bad effects on certain materials outside. Unless you have a temperature-controlled garage, the items and tools in your garage are susceptible to cracks and breaks. Items made from cast iron are especially vulnerable to rust, corrosion, and cold temperatures.

A garage drain grate is just as susceptible to any other materials in your garage. The garage drain grate can discolor, chip, or expand with corrosion during all kinds of weather changes. The best way to avoid a cracked and broken garage durian grate is to invest in a coated carbon steel garage floor drain grate. It can withstand extreme heat or cold, and won’t’ chip or crack.


The longevity of your garage drain cover should be the final and most important factor in your decision. If you’ve never had a garage drain cover before or have a rusty one currently, a carbon steel garage floor drain cover is going to be your best option. Because a carbon steel garage drain cover resists rust build-up and temperature effects, it makes it the longest-lasting garage drain cover on the market.

A garage drain floor cover made of powder-coated carbon steel will last for a lifetime. The metal is strong enough to withstand everyday cracks, chips, and rust buildup. With a garage drain floor cover that lasts a lifetime, you can forget about constantly replacing cheap plastic options or iron that doesn’t last.

Out With The Old

black garage drain coverYou want to keep every aspect of your home working properly and to last for years, your garage included. The best way to protect the items in your garage and your garage’s integrity is to invest in a powder-coated carbon steel garage floor drain cover. A carbon steel garage drain cover will eliminate all of your headaches surrounding broken and old drain covers. Invest in a business that specializes in protecting garages and garage floors to find the best product for you.

By Published On: October 11, 2021Categories: Garage Flooring Companies

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