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Have you been searching for polyaspartic vs epoxy cost or epoxy flooring companies near me? If you have been planning the ultimate garage transformation, then you can feel confident in counting on Ohio Garage Interiors. With this in mind, you can learn more about polyaspartic garage floor coating options from Ohio Garage Interiors by visiting the company website. In addition, you can find more information about the Ohio Garage Interiors team and its work by visiting the ADVAN Design blog. 

Polyaspartic vs Epoxy Cost 

Overall, polyaspartic garage floor coatings tend to cost more than epoxy solutions, especially when a homeowner opts for professional installation rather than a DIY project. However, every project is different. For this reason, comparing polyaspartic vs epoxy cost is unique to each project. Set up a design consultation with the team from Ohio Garage Interiors today to discuss polyaspartic floor coating cost per square foot and epoxy flooring cost per square foot to compare your options.  

How to Clean Polyaspartic Floors

When you commit to both consistent cleaning and maintenance, you can keep a polyaspartic floor in top shape. See below for some tips. 

You can keep your polyaspartic garage floor as clean as possible when you refrain from using surface wax products that undermine any slip-resistant properties your floor may have. It is also essential to consider the pH compatibility of a garage floor and a specific cleaning product, as a pH imbalance can damage the polyaspartic surface. You should also be mindful that mixing cleaners can pose corrosion risks along with serious health problems. 

You should also spot test any floor cleaner on a small area of your garage floor before applying to the full surface. This will tell you if the product does or does not leave a residue. You should also clean any high traffic areas of your garage floor using a dust mop once per day. This will help prevent floor damage as well as the tracking of debris.

About Ohio Garage Interiors 

Among epoxy floor installers in Northeast Ohio, Ohio Garage Interiors truly distinguishes itself. Have you been searching for epoxy stone flooring or Ohio Garage Interiors polyaspartic floor coating cost? If you are ready to transform your garage into an impressive and functional space, then reach out to the Ohio Garage Interiors team today. 

From exclusive Ohio Garage Interiors polyaspartic top coat to a diverse range of custom color options, this team has what you need. To learn about Ohio Garage Interiors garage epoxy cost and the company’s exclusive twenty-year warranty against both peeling and delamination, reach out to the team today. 

Homeowners from all over the Cleveland, Akron and Lake Erie Islands regions have chosen Ohio Garage Interiors for amazing garage transformations. Count on the Ohio Garage Interiors team and bring your vision for your home into reality! To learn about epoxy garage floor cost, garage epoxy cost or polyaspartic garage floor coating price, connect with the Ohio Garage Interiors team today.   

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