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How to Care for Dental Implants After Surgery 

Without a doubt, dental implant surgery is a significant investment. You can get the most out of your procedure when you all you can to maintain your implants. Overall, the key to effective post operative care for dental implants is consistency. 

When you maintain regular hygiene practices and consistent communication with your dentist, you can ensure easy recovery and optimal implant function. See below to learn how to care for dental implants after surgery. 

Ease yourself into the after dental implant surgery care process by being gentle on the affected areas. Eat soft foods only to prevent irritation to the gum tissue as your dental implants start acclimating to your mouth. This will also help you to prevent both infections and injuries during the post dental implant surgery care process. 

For easy dental implant care after surgery, be sure to stick to a routine and not to overexert yourself. Most patients will notice any post-operative pain subside in about two weeks or fewer. Be sure to keep over-the-counter pain medications easily accessible as you heal. 

For after care dental implants, both acetaminophen and ibuprofen are safe pain relief options. Be sure to comply fully with your dentist’s directions regarding any painkiller or antibiotic prescriptions. 

Most patients do not deal with severe pain following dental implant surgery. However, if your post-operative pain is severe, then be sure to reach out to your dentist immediately. This will help prevent the worsening of any infection or pain. 

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