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Whether or not your school district has been dealing with violations of regular safety practices, it is always worth getting the most current safety training for your bus drivers.  As a leader of your district, it is your responsibility to secure these materials.

If you have been searching for educational programs that will keep your drivers engaged while giving them the tools to create a safe bussing environment, then contact the team from Ohio’s School Bus Safety Company today. Keep reading to learn why this company in Hudson, Ohio is worth a look.

About School Bus Safety Company | School Bus Safety for Drivers

For over 20 years, the experienced team from School Bus Safety Company has provided some of the most comprehensive resources and training programs to teach school bus safety to their drivers.  This group of instructors provides engaging materials both in print and video to promote a consistent culture of safety at school. These training materials not only emphasize correct driving practices but also the most effective communication methods and behavioral management techniques.

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School Bus Safety Tips | What Can Drivers Learn in a School Bus Safety Course?

Working through the school bus safety coursework will help your drivers better operate the bus and manage the children on board. A school bus driver can be easily distracted, and even a moment could be the difference between safety and tragedy for drivers, students, and pedestrians. We focus on school bus safety training that helps school bus drivers excel at all of the following and more.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Know the neighborhoods you are driving in. Be cognizant of kids.
  • Follow the speed limit (and the LAW) at all times, especially in school zones and at bus stops.
  • Slow down and prepare to stop if another bus is flashing its lights in your vicinity. This means the bus is preparing to stop (yellow) or is already stopped (red), and students are getting on or off.
  • Pay attention to the school bus’s flashing lights and never pass another vehicle with the bus arm extended.
  • Drive slower. Running a few minutes late is not worth the potential life-changing consequences for a child, or you.

Getting in Touch With School Bus Safety Company | It’s Easy to Do!

In their 20 years serving the community, the school bus safety company in Hudson, Ohio has made a valuable impact on students, parents, and drivers. There’s no better resource for ensuring a safety culture in your school district than to work with a winning bus driver safety training course.

To get in touch with the professionals from School Bus Safety Company, simply fill out their online contact form on Prospective clients can also use the contact information shown below to send written correspondence, phone calls, faxes, or emails.

School Bus Safety Company, Inc.

5611 Hudson Dr, Suite 100 A

Hudson, OH 44236

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