Motor Coach Driver Training

If you are interested in obtaining a certified commercial driver’s license, receiving the training is necessary for success. The Motor Coach Safety Training Company (MCSTCO) is offering motorcoach driver training courses with comprehensive content for honing a driver’s skills. MCSTCO’s training program can teach CDL applicants everything they need to know. Applicants can be confident in their abilities on their first attempt to receive certification, having learned impeccable safety skills. They will learn how to display safety NORMS to improve overall performance by eliminating unsafe driver behaviors and habits, reducing the probability of accidents occurring.

Training leaders tend to see the building of applicants into safe and professional motor coach drivers to be a difficult process. Promising applicants have failed to receive their licenses due to CDL written test and subpar training materials; however, MCSTCO’s motorcoach driver training courses contain information that is easily understood by all applicants. This significantly increases the likelihood of success on the first attempt.

Molding applicants into professional, reliable motor coach drivers can be challenging for many training leaders. Many promising applicants have failed to pass under other courses due to the CDL written test; however, these motorcoach driver training courses have understandable content that all applicants can understand. This ensures the success of applicants on their first attempt.

Advantages of MCSTCO Motor Coach Driver Training

The motor coach driver training courses from MCSTCO go above and beyond in many ways; however, the presentation is by far the most significant aspect. In a successful training process, first impressions are extremely important. Many safety training leaders use PowerPoints and old VHS training tapes to teach applicants, but these are neither systematic nor integrated. The overall learning experience suffers greatly from lackluster materials. MCSTCO’s courses, however, are the result of substantial amounts of time, effort, money, and research. These training courses contain comprehensive material presented in a systematic, integrated fashion; thus, the applicants change their behaviors and learn high-level safety NORMS.

In addition to failure to receive a license, when learning materials are sub-par, applicants will doubt the sincerity of the message within the content; thus, MCSTCO created course materials that are understandable, sincere, and effective.

About the Motor Coach Safety Training Company

The Motor Coach Safety Training Company is led by President Jeff Cassell. Cassell has immense experience in the training of motor coach drivers. For nearly 21 years, Cassell was the corporate Risk Manager for the Laidlaw Group. During his time, he carried a myriad of responsibilities on his shoulders, overseeing all safety practices for the Laidlaw Group’s members. The Laidlaw members collectively operated 38,000 school buses, 6,000 transit buses, and 2,400 Greyhound Motor Coaches. Under Cassell, safety standards were not only maintained but also improved.

Jeff Cassell also leads the Transit and Paratransit Company (TAPTCO) and the School Bus Safety Company (SBSC). Over 3,000 school districts and six out of the ten biggest contractors have trained their staff using the materials created by these companies. Furthermore, more than 450 transit agencies, including every location of Transdev, Keolis, and MV Transportation, have utilized these motorcoach driver training courses.

Now, for over 20 years, MCSTCO’s training experts have been creating many award-winning CDL training courses. MCSTCO’s courses contain many unique specialties including fleet instructional design and safety, industrial psychology, and media production. These video training courses and study guides are invaluably advantageous for both applicants and safety leaders. Furthermore, the designers of these materials are also improvement and performance experts.

Companies that are looking to significantly improve the driving behaviors of both their current drivers and new applicants should consider MCSTCO’s motorcoach driver training courses. With their training materials, drivers will eliminate their bad habits and reduce accident rates by nearly fifty percent.

By Published On: May 21, 2018Categories: Bus Driver Training Courses

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