What Are the Advantages of Buying Used Industrial Laundry Machines?

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Whether the efficiency of your space depends on having clean linens in every room or keeping uniforms in top shape, you have to rely on your laundry operations. When washers and dryers don’t work, operations get backed up. But with the right machines, you barely have to think about your laundry system, and you can focus on other areas of your business.

It’s easy to associate used machinery with issues and uncertain histories. A reliable dealer will help you select a pre-owned machine that not only helps you save, but also maximizes efficiency across your facility. How will buying used help you turn your industrial laundry operations around?

Maximize Efficiency and Save Money With Used Industrial Laundry Equipment

One of the clearest advantages of an investment in a used industrial laundry machine is savings. However, you shouldn’t compare installations with only the price in mind, as barebones prices do often indicate low levels of quality. When you choose a reputable dealer, you can ensure your machine is functional and boost productivity at your workplace.

Look for a company that can provide detailed backgrounds of used products.  An understanding of past repairs and other issues helps you gauge whether or not the machine is the right choice for you. When you have no “unknowns, you’ll get the most out of a used industrial laundry machine.

How Do Reconditioning and Remanufacturing Add Value to Laundry Machinery?

Whether you maintain hospital linens or hotel uniforms, you need to partner with a dealer who’s totally transparent. Look for an industrial laundry equipment company that offers machinery reconditioning services to get the right value from your facility upgrade.

Reconditioning helps add even more value to a used piece of laundry equipment and extends the machine’s life. This process often involves part replacement and upgrading out-of-date systems. On the other hand, remanufacturing involves the complete disassembly of a machine and any necessary repairs and adjustments. With a reliable company, reconditioning or manufacturing functions like new or remanufactured laundry machinery.

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Contact R.W. Martin Company Today and Transform Your Space

Whether you’re in charge of a healthcare team or a hotel, you don’t have time to waste on broken industrial laundry equipment. If you need a more cost-effective way to keep sheets, uniforms, and other necessities clean, then an industrial washer from R.W. Martin Company should be your first choice. For more than four decades, they’ve been a go-to resource for premier textile care and process water solutions.

In addition to a diverse selection of industrial washer models, R.W. Martin Company carries stackers, heat exchangers, accumulators, delivery pumps, lint filters, folders, vertical storage solutions, ironers, spreader feeders, and more.

Whether you need to maintain a more reliable hot water system or need to keep a consistent supply of clean linens, R.W. Martin Company has the ideal solution for your facility.

The selection includes machinery and other solutions from a variety of leading manufacturers, including Cogan, Huebsch, Energenics, Custom Industrial Products, Washex, Lavatec, and Kemco.

Count on R.W. Martin Company to help you add the right machinery to your space. To find out how used equipment from R.W. Martin Company will help you save, visit https://rwmartin.com/.

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