Dock Plate or Dock Board? Which is Best for My Loading Dock?

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What is the difference between a dock plate and a dock board? Both bridge gaps between two slightly different elevations in a loading area, but they are not built for the same job.

A dock plate is a flat piece of aluminum or steel with a slight bend at one end to provide a surface upon which vehicles for light material handling, such as hand carts and dollies, can move.

Dock boards serve the same purpose, except they are suitable for heavier vehicles and loads. Dock boards also feature curbs, and dock plates do not.

How should you choose the right dock plate or dock board for your workspace? Take the time to consider measurements before you work with a manufacturer. You should consider the weight capacity at hand, which includes the weights of carts or dollies and the maximum load of material.

For optimal loading dock safety, you should also remember that boards and plates need to be, at the minimum, 15” wider than the equipment and material they will carry. In addition, you need to make sure the plate or board length is no less than six times the height difference between a vehicle bed and a loading dock floor.

What Are the Essentials of Dock Plate Safety?

Dock plates do allow for safer movement across a facility, but you have to understand the proper way to handle them. See below for some important dock plate safety tips.

While dock plates are lighter than dock boards, it is important that workers do not lift plates by themselves. Remember to lift with your knees and not with your back. Depending on the plates you use, you may also need to use specific safety equipment. However, it is always a good idea to keep dock lights and trailer chocks.

You should also make sure all dock plates and dock boards are damage-free before you use them. Moving carts and dollies across damaged plates can and does lead to injuries. To avoid injuries and the resulting costs and delays, make visual checks ahead of each workday. Teams further prevent injuries by using yellow floor markings to identify safe paths and tripping hazards.

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Why choose a Copperloy dock plate for your loading dock? Copperloy carries a complete selection of both aluminum and steel dock plates to suit nearly any light material handling need.

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