Slitting Lines and Well Executed Solutions

When it comes to innovating a niche market like the cut-to-length slitting line equipment industry, not everyone puts the same care into building high-end equipment for complex metal forming and slitting.

Butech Bliss has over 135 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing the world’s highest quality cut-to-length slitting lines, stretch levelers, temper mill cut-to-length lines, coil slitting equipment, multi-blanking lines, and push-pull pickling lines to help service centers and toll processors work more efficiently. Butech Bliss strives to be the only stop you make when it comes to high end steel and other metal forming equipment.

Butech Bliss Slitting Lines

Setting Themselves Apart As Metal Slitting Lines Suppliers

The patented building technology at Butech Bliss is used to process hot and cold rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, and other functions for non-ferrous metals. As a top name in rolling mill equipment manufacturers and slitting lines equipment, Butech Bliss produces the only cut-to-length and slitting line equipment you need.

As a premium supplier of complete slitting lines, Butech Bliss prides itself on providing modern improvements to the traditional production tasks and hazards that have existed historically. Butech Bliss provides patented solutions that enable this efficiency while also pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered to be unachievable on slitting lines.

A case in point is their patented notching unit ahead of the slitter. This takes a technique that has been in practice for a long time but improves it, eliminating operator interaction with the strip and reducing the time it takes to thread the line.

Innovative Metal Slitting Line Products

Butech Bliss builds multi-blanking slitting lines, cut-to-length coil lines, scrap choppers, side trimmers, extrusion presses, stretch levelers and other metal processing equipment for every facilities unique applications and functions. No matter what material you need slitted or cut-to-length, Butech Bliss has the engineering capabilities to meet your needs. They have supplied over 150 stretch levelers for processing everything from aluminum plates for the aircraft industry, to extruded products, treadmill plates, hot-rolled HRPO, and cold rolled steels.

Their stretch levelers include gripper heads specially designed for any function. Some include replaceable, economically priced, commercially available gripper pads that allow easy changeover between products without the need for downtime to clean or replace the gripper head assemblies. Some include a metallic gripper, and some include interchangeable rubber gripper heads, but either type of head can be used in the same stretcher, which adds even more value to Butech Bliss products.

Metal Slitting Lines Equipment

Butech Bliss’s History of Success and Innovation

The orginal Butech was formed by John Buta in 1985 and joined forces with Bliss Manufacturing several years later. When Butech started up in the mid-1980s, they had a small manufacturing shop and focused on developing innovative machine technologies for the steel and metal forming industry. Over the years, Butech became a world-renowned supplier of scrap choppers, side trimmers, shears, and hydraulic roller levelers, slitting lines and cut-to-length lines. This merger allowed an expansion of their operations to include more than 75 machining centers. Today, John Buta is president of the combined company known as Butech Bliss. Their industry innovation has allowed them to become one of the best at what they do in the world.

Some skills they’ve mastered as metal slitting line suppliers include unmatched field service and customer service. They also offer custom options, recipe-driven menus to streamline repetitive tasks, and an unparalleled standard of quality control. When you put your trust in Butech Bliss, you only have to make your purchase once. You’ll never sacrifice quality in your metal-forming machinery, and you’ll skip the costly repairs that can come from the wrong equipment.

Over 100 Years of Success with Butech Bliss

By continually investing in new equipment to be the most efficient slitting line equipment builders in the industry, their 75 plus machining centers continue to build the best cut-to-length line equipment on a global level. If you’re ready to build with the Cadillac of metal forming equipment, visit and build things better today.

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