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Looking for metal manufacturing near me in Ohio? Wedge Products Cleveland metal products company is a leading provider of precision metal stamping services for various industries. In fact, Wedge has been a metal manufacturing company in Ohio since 1933. So, their staff has the tools and experience necessary for creating exceptional metal parts for virtually any application.

Wedge Products can develop custom metal components in a diverse range of materials at any thickness. Most notably, Wedge’s 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses the industry’s most advanced sheet metal fabrication equipment.

As a result, they can maintain high-level precision for all metal manufacturing projects. Wedge also offers the advantages of quicker lead times and competitive pricing. So, they can readily work within your budget and scheduling requirements.

Wedge’s expert staff and state-of-the-art equipment ensure every customer receives the highest quality for their metal components. If you are looking for metal manufacturing near me that will consistently meet your performance and quality standards, contact the metal stamping specialists at Wedge Products.

5 advantages of choosing Wedge Products

AS9100-C certified metal manufacturing near me

When looking for metal stamping companies in Ohio, you will encounter a wide variety of businesses. However, Wedge Products is one of the few metal stamping companies with full certification to create aerospace components.

Wedge’s team of engineers combine countless years of hands-on experience in the development of aerospace parts. So, they can easily meet and exceed the quality and performance standards of the aerospace industry. Most importantly, Wedge’s metal stamping experts use their experience to ensure every component is defect-free.

The aerospace industry has uniquely strict performance requirements and complex part specifications. So, Wedge users their expert staff and advanced equipment to satisfy all the requirements of the aerospace industry. In fact, Wedge has manufactured various parts for Boeing 787, Boeing 777, Black Hawk, Apache, and C-130 aircraft.

Wedge is an AS9100 Rev. D manufacturer, so they can offer a full range of metal stamping and light assembly services for aerospace applications:

  • Aerospace Metal Stamping
  • Deep Drawn Stamping
  • Single Hit Stamping
  • Aerospace Assembly
  • Aerospace Parts Manufacturing
  • Progressive Stamping
  • Aerospace Plastic Stamping
  • Engineered Resin Stamping
  • Aerospace Machining
  • Aerospace Welding

Wedge Products is an industry-leading metal stamping company for the aerospace industry, so you can rely on them to create the parts you need with timely delivery and competitive pricing.

Full-range advanced metal stamping services

Choosing Wedge Products means you get to work closely with industry experts in the metal stamping industry. At each step of the design and manufacturing process, Wedge’s team will provide professional guidance and recommendations, so they can ensure you receive the best components for your application. Their team of tool and die makers can also maintain or modify tooling for custom projects. As a result, Wedge can develop parts to your exact requirements and quality standards.

High-capacity stamping equipment

In addition to expert staff, Wedge Products’ manufacturing facility houses over 64 stamping presses with capacities ranging from 3 to 400 tons. For example, the facility currently operates a 40-ton Komatsu press with infrared heating and automatic feeding technology.

Furthermore, Wedge utilizes equipment for various secondary operations such as welding, tapping, riveting, deburring, and degreasing as well as manual and automatic assemblies.

Superior quality control

Wedge uses a computerized quality control program, so they can maintain higher levels of precision at each stage of the metal stamping process. The Wedge team is entirely committed to quality, precision, and uniformity for all metal stamping projects. As a result, Wedge has earned its spot as a certified aerospace and automotive metal stamper under AS9100-C and Mil-I-45208A.

High-quality materials

With Wedge’s metal stamping capabilities, they can help you create the parts you need with high-quality materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and more! If your project requires specific metals to meet your performance requirements, Wedge has a full catalog of metals to choose from. In fact, they can even offer professional recommendations if you are unsure of which materials you need.

About Wedge Products Inc. | Metal manufacturing near me

Anyone searching for reliable metal stamping companies in Ohio can depend on the experts at Wedge Products to create the parts they need. Wedge has been developing quality custom metal stamping since 1933, so they have the tools and knowledge to manufacture exceptional components to your exact requirements.

Wedge offers precision stamping services for metal and plastic materials at a full range of thicknesses. With their 110,000 square-foot facility and advanced stamping equipment, they can create metal parts with quick lead times and competitive pricing for even the most difficult, high-volume projects.

Wedge Products has an unyielding dedication to giving their clients the best metal stampings on the market along with friendly, attentive customer service. If you have been looking for metal manufacturing near me, check out Wedge Products today!

Learn more about metal manufacturing near me by contacting Wedge Products today or visit their website at https://www.wedgeproducts.com/.

Wedge Products, Inc. | Metal Manufacturing Near Me

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