Industrial Wire Companies and Applications

Safety Lock Wire

January 22, 2020|Industrial Wire Companies and Applications|

Safety Lock Wire | Malin | Secure Bolts It’s a new year, and a new decade.  Both the automotive and aviation industries are set to evolve in unimaginable ways in the coming years.  For example, sustainability goals will determine material choice, budgets, and more. In [...]

Steel Wire Distributors

January 21, 2020|Industrial Wire Companies and Applications|

Steel Wire Distributors | Brookfield Wire Looking for durable wire for your next project?  If efficiency is at stake, then stainless steel wire could be your ideal option.  In fact, partnering with reputable steel wire distributors can allow you and your team to worry less about maintenance.  [...]


September 22, 2019|Industrial Wire Companies and Applications, Uncategorized|

Malin Co. Lockwire Are you looking for lockwire, safety wire or other stainless steel wire products? Malin Co. is the leading supplier of lockwire for many different industries and organizations. Furthermore, Malin Co. offers unparalleled experience in lockwire manufacturing. Since 1884, Malin Co. has been [...]

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