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Find Doctors Who Accept Medicaid At AxessPointe

If you’re seeking doctors who accept Medicaid, you also want to ensure you’re receiving quality care. Regular medical check ups are essential to maintaining overall health and wellness,  keeping track of vaccinations, and screening for diseases common in your family history.

To find doctors who accept medicaid in Northeast Ohio, you can rely on AxessPointe Community Health Centers for premium care and expansive services. 

Medical Services

AxessPointe offers a range of medical services for your care. They provide women’s and children’s health services, flu shots and immunizations, geriatric care, medical enrollment assistance, and more.

By receiving extensive medical care, you can take control of your health and wellness. At AxessPointe, you’ll be able to form a trusted relationship with your provider so that if problems arise, you have an ally and resource to turn to for help.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health services are instrumental in taking care of your overall well-being. Behavioral health focuses on mental and emotional wellness, which influences all aspects of life. In fact, one in four Americans experiences a mental illness or substance abuse disorder each year. These problems deserve the same level of attention and care as physical issues.

There are a multitude of factors that affect mental health. Family history, traumatic experiences, and biological brain chemistry affect people differently. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone, and there are trusted advocates who are here to help. AxessPointe uses an integrated approach to behavioral health that includes an in-depth screening to assess the best way to address your situation. 

dental services

Dental Health

Dental health services can be expensive for those without insurance, and AxessPointe understands the lack of dental care available to many Americans. That’s why their doctors who accept Medicaid offer dental services.

Taking care of your dental health is an important part of care. From regular dental screenings to X-rays and fillings, this team has the tools they need to give you the best care.

AxessPointe has a team of dentists and dental assistants ready to assist you. For dental care outside of the office, it is recommended to brush twice a day and floss once a day, to avoid foods that are high in sugar, and to use mouthwash to kill bacteria that live in the mouth. These habits, combined with regular dentist check ups, are a great way to maintain a healthy smile. 


AxessPointe also has pharmacy services for their patients. Having a pharmacy that is operated by the same facility where you see your doctor is extremely beneficial. This allows the doctors and pharmacists to work closely together to manage your care.

When it comes to prescriptions with special instructions, the AxessPointe team is here to help. They will answer your questions and ensure you are comfortable with your medicine. 

AxessPointe Community Health Centers - Affordable Health Care

About AxessPointe Community Health Center

AxessPointe believes that everyone deserves access to quality health care. Their doctors who accept Medicaid provide outstanding advice and care for all patients. AxessPointe also accepts patients without insurance. They use a sliding fee scale to determine the cost of their services, which depends on your family and financial situation.

This team believes in the power of community health and healing. When you become a patient at AxessPointe, you are welcomed into a network of caregivers that is fully invested in giving you the best care possible. That’s why so many patients across Northeast Ohio turn to AxessPointe for doctors who accept Medicaid. Come be a part of this family and enjoy their healthcare services.

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