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The airplane is one of the most awe-inspiring inventions known to man. They are nearly indistinguishable from magic, carrying tens of thousands of pounds into the air as if they were weightless. The fact that they are the product of human ingenuity and innovation is nothing short of extraordinary. But how do aerospace designers get these large machines into the air?

Aerospace components manufacturers like NMG employ countless years of experience to get aircraft off the ground. Their designers and engineers exercise high-level precision to create parts that can handle the extreme conditions surrounding aircraft. Of course, wings, turbines, and control panels are critical, but these systems would be nothing without the smaller components within the larger whole.

Even seemingly insignificant parts can mean the difference between exceptional performance and catastrophic failure. Every system within an aircraft depends on accurate design with dependable structural integrity to ensure the aircraft can fly reliably and keep people safe. As a leading manufacturer of aerospace components, NMG is an invaluable resource in the development of landing gear, actuation, evacuation, and potable water systems as well as industrial hardware that makes aircraft construction possible.

Preparing for Takeoff

Six Aircraft Landing Gear Wheels

You never forget your first takeoff and landing. The most exciting part of flying in a plane is departing from the ground, watching the world shrink below you, and arriving at a new destination in nearly no time at all. Without landing gear, these moments would not only be less safe but downright impossible.

During takeoffs and landings, landing gear components encounter high temperatures and extreme pressures. If these parts are not up to the task, the safety of operators and passengers could be at risk.

NMG Aerospace has been developing landing gear components for more than 50 years. Aircraft wheels, steering kits, brake systems, you name it, and NMG has made it. Their high-quality design and manufacturing ensure that landing gear components offer superior durability and performance in even the most extreme conditions. With NMG components, there is never a worry about the safety of pilots, passengers, or cargo.

In the Event of Evacuation

There is more to protecting passengers than functional landing gear. If you are familiar with commercial airlines, you have listened to more than your fair share of safety presentations. While boring, this information is critical for passengers to protect themselves and others.

NMG develops a wide variety of evacuation and safety components. Their specialty is OEM Tier 1 level evacuation slide components and high-pressure pneumatic systems. Parts like hoses, aspirators, gauges, and packboard assemblies ensure that these systems perform in the case of an emergency, potentially saving lives.

NMG also designs aircraft seating for many commercial airlines. Although you likely have never experienced a true airplane emergency, you are well aware that your seat is a flotation device regardless of how comfortable it may be. From first-class to economy, all these components ensure your safety.

Actuation in Motion

Deicing Valve

Electromechanical actuation plays a part in many of the systems in an aircraft. This is one of NMG Aerospace’s many specialties. They are an industry-leading designer of motor actuators, hydraulic valves, solenoids, and deicing system components.

With three generations of motor actuators, NMG has maximized performance and efficiency by progressively decreasing weight and increasing torque. Originally designed for aircraft water systems, they have been adapted for use with fuel and hydraulic fluids, making them some of the most versatile actuators on the market.

For solenoids, NMG was able to acquire Electromotive Inc. in 2016. This organization offers unmatched experience in solenoid design, leading the industry since 1972. The combined efforts of NMG and Electromotive Inc. ensure they can deliver the highest quality solenoid valves on the market designed to meet each client’s exact specifications.

Actuation components also play a role in aircraft safety. In colder weather, an airplane is exposed to incredibly low temperatures during flight. Deicing systems utilize electromechanical actuation such as regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves, and distribution valves in order to keep other components from freezing and failing. Every aspect of NMG’s aerospace component design maximizes performance as well as the safety of everyone involved.

Potable Water Systems

Airplane bathrooms are horribly cramped and uncomfortable, so you likely avoid using them at all costs. But have you ever wondered how they manage to get hot water on a plane? Actuation components and potable water and waste systems allow airplanes to have an available supply of clean water at all times.

NMG Aerospace can custom design up to 30 valve configurations using their high-performance motor actuators. This allows them to create systems for nearly any airplane regardless of the model. They have also been manufacturing aircraft water tanks and water heaters for over 20 years. NMG employs an expert team of welding specialists that construct potable water systems for incredible durability and performance for every application.

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If you are looking for an aerospace components manufacturer, look no further than NMG Aerospace. Choosing NMG means you get to work with a completely American-owned and operated manufacturer.  Their experience in design, engineering, CNC machining, assembly, and testing ensures they can provide the best possible component solutions for every project.

NMG Aerospace emphasizes innovation with every step they take, investing not only in their equipment and technology but also the expertise of their staff. With a fully equipped team of experts and state-of-the-art equipment, NMG distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the highest quality design with efficient production and reasonable pricing. They even design for numerous aviation and defense organizations at the national and international level!

With 50+ years of experience,  NMG is your best resource for all your aerospace component needs. Get in touch with NMG Aerospace today at to learn more about their available products and their manufacturing processes.

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